How much is Tiger Woods worth? Answered!

When Tiger made is pro PGA Tour debut in 1996, and after he had signed his Nike contract, my father-in-law, who was a quantum smarter than I am said Tiger Woods could be the first ever sportsman to earn a billion dollars. I thought this was the dumbest thing anyone had ever said. Do you realise exactly just how much a billion dollars is? One.billion.dollars. Is Tiger going to do well? OF COURSE he is. But that’s not a billion pal….Well, what do I know?…

Forbes says Tiger has earnt $1.5 billion since 1996.

But that’s just earnings – what were his expenses over the same period? The expenses need to be deducted for a ‘net’ figure. (It’s nett BTW). If Tigers expenses have been 25m$ a year, over 24 years, that’s 600m$ in expenses,

giving Tiger Woods a net worth of 900m$.

Golf Monthly Magazine say it’s $900m.

Fox Business say it’s $800m in 2018.

Statista say it’s in the 1.27 billion$ range.

Business Insider . com say it’s $800m

FWIW I think the Statista estimate is the most accurate. See separate Statista article below:

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