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Master putter designer Scotty Cameron began designing putters for Titleist in 1994 and since then his designs have become the predominant putter on the PGA Tour. The following is a chronological history of putters designed by Scotty Cameron for Titleist. This history focuses on his designs that were made available to the public and does not include “limited” editions or the several custom designs developed by Scotty Cameron.
1994-Bulls Eye; originally designed by Jim Reuter, Jr. in the 1940s; redesigned by Scotty Cameron; longer sweetspot; beveled edge; wide paddle grip; low gloss satin finish over hosel shaft; five models: Standard, Original, Standard Flange, Original Flange (shown), La Femme.
1995-1997Original Classics; color known as “gun blue” and finish as “black oxide”; nine models: 95-96: Newport (RH & LH) (shown), Catalina, Laguna, Coronado, Napa, La Costa, and Del Mar; 97-98: Sonoma and Santa Fe added and La Costa dropped.
1995-1996Caliente Mallet; forged from soft aluminum; features double bend steel shaft by True Temper and tour arch grip by Golf Pride; Bolero models feature removable brass sole plates with adjustable weighting underneath; four models: Caliente (shown), Caliente Grand (larger version of Caliente), Caliente Bolero, and Caliente Grand Bolero (larger version of the Bolero).
1997-1999Teryllium; milled from a solid block of carcon steel; teryllium insert; teryllium is a combination metal of 12 different alloys; contains an elastomer membrane in the rear of the face and into striking area; pistol paddle grip; six models: Newport (RH & LH), Newport Two (shown), Newport Long Neck, Newport Two Long Neck, Santa Fe, Del Mar Two.
1998-Classics; made of carbon steel with distinctive “oil can” finish;features full cord grip; nine models: Newport(RH & LH), Newport Two (shown), Coronado Two, Santa Fe, Laguna, Catalina Two, Napa, and the Big Sur (48″) and Big Sur Two (40″) featuring face balanced and triple rocker sole design.
1999Pro Platinum; milled from carbon steel and finished in a soft nickel plating; features full cord grip; four models: Newport Mid Slant (RH & LH), Laguna Two (shown), Del Mar Three, and Sonoma Two.
1999-Teryllium II; only change from first Teryllum line is white outline of insert and additional of new models. Five models: Newport (RH & LH), Newport Long Neck, Newport Two Long Neck, Del Mar Two Long Slant, Santa Fe Two. Features Titleist pistol paddle wrap grip made by Royal.
2000-Pro Platinum II;Updated Pro Platinum line milled from carbon steel and finished in a soft nickel plating; features polished face and sole and three red dots on the face near the heel; features full cord grip; six models available in RH and LH: Newport Mid Slant, Newport Two Mid Slant, Laguna Two, Laguna Mid Slant, Coronado Mid Slant, and Del Mar Three. Two models added in 2001: Newport Two (w/plumber neck) and Del Mar 3.5.
2000-Mil-Spec; extension of the Pro Platinum line to include the Mil-Spec option; milled from solid block of carbon steel; Newport design with sight line; Finish is a soft nickel plating providing crisper feel and improved durability and rust resistance; Standard loft is 4° Standard lie is 71° with customization of +/- 4° (flat, standard, upright); Grip options include Smooth Pistol, Baby T, and Cameron Cord; Length/weight options include 36″/320 grams, 35″/330 grams, 34″/340 grams, and 33″/350 grams; Shaft is the Titleist Cameron Micro Step.
2001-Studio Design; blade style design from Scotty Cameron’s design studio featuring “high toe” profile allowing putter to look and sit square. Comes with yellow head cover and “Pivot Tool”. Four Models: Model 1, Model 1.5, Model 2, and Model 3.
2001-Milled Bulls Eye; limited edition release of vintage Bulls Eye design milled with pro platinum finish; Two models; Milled Bulls Eye Blade (round toe and no offset) and Milled Bulls Eye Flange (flange and slight offset). Both come standard with 4° loft, 71° lie and 35″ satin flare tip shaft.
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