The ‘SECRET’ golf clubs that big brands DON’T tell you about! (Read below for genuine testimonial)

If you are in the market for a new set of clubs, and don’t know what you want, buy these. It’s a no-brainer. They are a set of quality golf clubs going for a song. This set proves how much margin there is in full retail clubs. Rick said a full set of different model Callaways are like 2-2.5k £ (Later on he says 1800£ plus bag). It’s like a sick joke. Don’t um, don’t ar, just hit buy. One will need to be a member of CostCo’s to enter the shop and buy. Or hopefully you know someone who is already a CostCo’s member and get them to buy them for you. CostCo’s make all their money on memberships, it’s how their business model works, so you can’t buy, even a one-off, without a members card. But for this product, at this price, who cares??

Membership levels will be something like 30£/60£/90£. But once you have that card, and have bought these clubs, I GUARANTEE you’ll find something else to buy once you’re there. Or on the next trip. You’ll become a CostCo’s disciple too. I know, I know, I wasn’t a believer either – until I got dragged into one. Then, just like with this Callaway deal, I found Nikon and Canon kit deals available nowhere else at an unbeatable price.

One doesn’t have to shop around – CostCo’s purchasing dept. has already done that for you. I don’t have a valid card anymore as the Sydney CostCo’s is a bit so-so. But the UK shop looked as good as a US one. Wait till you see the range and quality of booze on offer – French champagne for 25-50% off retail is just one example. Quality meat and fruit and vegies. In the States anyway. You too will wonder why anyone shops anywhere else. It’s not like Aldis where everything is an off brand ones never heard of. CostCo’s carry the normal retail brands – like Callaway kits, like Nikon kits, like Canon kits – at a 15% mark-up. It doesn’t directly compete with retail though. I can’t walk in and buy a single Nikon 50mm lens for example. Or, a Callaway putter by itself. They’ll always be in some kind of kit. But not grog or foodstuffs, that’s just normal. Just go.

I am totally non-affiliated in any way shape or form, and this is a non-sponsored advertisement for CostCo’s. I just love their deals. You will too. 😎

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