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So Why? Because Carpet Is Very Very Slooow Compared To Greens. If You Nail Down Your 3 / 6 / 9 Footers On Carpet You’re Going To Hit The Ball At Least Twice The Required Distance On Grass. I Go So Far As To Say Sustained Putting On Carpet Will Ruin Your Putting Stroke. The Members Of My Course, Putting On Fastish Greens Already, Were Instructed To Practice Putting On Marble Or Any Other Smooth Stone Flooring, Or Polished Wood Of Course. I Was There For The Tip, From The Captain. Now This Is A Bit Of Hyperbole To Be Sure, But Only Partially. Avoid Carpet Like The Plague Was The Greater Point. It Is A Bloody Top Tip Too.                                                                                                                                                                            It’s Fine To Practice Your Putting Alignment On Carpet. It’s Fine To Practice Your Strike Out Of The Middle Of The Putter On Carpet, Just Not Distance.         Not Surprisingly I Learnt This Lesson The Hard Way 🙄. I Also Know There’s A Slew Of People Out There Having A Lightbulb 💡 Moment Realising What’s Been Going Wrong All This Time. 

tiger woods news blog

I Have A Few Putters At Home I Like To Have Out And Hit A Good Few Times Every Day As I Work From Home. It’s Only 3 Balls. But I Knew Not To Putt On Carpet. I’ll Put Something More Permanent In At My Next Place, As I’m Only Renting Here Till The Divorce Goes Through. So I Knew I Needed A Putting Mat.   But Which Mat? I Had Already Bought A Cheap  + Nasty One In The Past. My Main Criteria Was Speed.                                 After Comparing All The Models Listed Below, I Ended Up Buying The Proadvanced Putting Mat. I Am Completely Unbiased, I’m Not An Affiliate, I’m Not Trying To Sell You Something, It’s Just My Experience. In Fact You Couldn’t Send Me Money Even If You Wanted To. I Show You The Same Courtesy As If I Was Writing To Myself Or My Dad. No Rabbit Punches.   

tiger woods news blog

Why Did I Choose This Model?          The Proadvanced Putting Mat Has 4 Speeds – The Fastest Is A Claimed 12.5 On The Stimp Metre!! 12.5 Is Bloody Slick. This Mat To Me Was Designed By A Golfer And It Shows. I’m Sure The Other Brands Are Good Too, But It Was The Proadvanced Putting Mat That Caught My Eye At The End Of The Day. I Think I Compared Like 5 Or 6 Mats (7, All Below). The Proadvanced Might Have Been A Bit More Expensive, But Its A Quality Bit Of Kit And I’m Very Happy With My Purchase. But It’s Also Only Early Days…By Using The Included Brush, The Mat Does Produce A Noticeably Faster Speed One Way Than The Slower Other Way, So I’m Mentally Practising ‘Up’ And ‘Down’ Hill Putts As Such. Not Sure It’s Running At 12.5 On A Stimp Meter, But A) It’s Early Days Yet And B) Could 100% Be Operator Error. (Edit: After Using It For An Extra Month, Nothing Much Has Changed Opinion Wise To The Above) I’m Not Sure About 12.5, But I’m Happy. Nota Bene I’m Not Recommending The Proadvanced Putting Mat, Just Sharing My Experience With It. (Edit At The Three Month Mark – Nothing Has Changed, All Very Good But Nowhere Near 12.5 Stimp To Me Though) Even If It’s Made In China, It’s Not Cheap Chinese Shit. All Of The Accessories Are Useful. It Rolls Up Nicely Back In It’s Shipping Box For Storage Or Moving. I’m Sure They All Do This To A Lesser Or Greater Extent.                                    Below Are The Contenders That I Compared: 


2 – Wellputt Mat Premium 13ft – STIMPING @ 10 – MED.-FAST.

3 – Volvik Mat 18ft High Speed – STIMP 11.

4 -⛳️ PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat  – STIMP 12.5.

5 – Carnoustie Tournament Mat – Stimp 11.5.

6 – The Provoto Advantage speed with a stimp of 11-12.

7 – – STIMP 11-13 “The surface runs pure and true, and is on the quicker side compared to other options. Tour Links putting greens tend to run around a 12 on the stimpmeter, perfect for a contest at the office.”

tiger woods news blog

I’m Independent Non-Affiliated No Paid Endorsements No Commission Links And Will Remain That Way. Till I Get Sponsored That Is 😉…. Like That’s Going To Happen🦄

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