Scotty Cameron Putters are Cheap

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Simon Did You Say That Scotty Cameron Putters Were The Cheapest Club In The Store? Indeed I Did. And They Are. There Is, And Will Remain, A Very Deep And Wide Second Hand Market For Titleist Scotty Cameron Putters. As Long As You Look After The Putter, Have The Original Scotty Cameron Grip And Head Cover (If It’s In Thrashed Condition With 3Rd Party Grip And No Headcover Then The Deal’s Off), Then I Guarantee You You’ll Be Able To Recoup 50% Of Your Money In 1 Year, 2 Years, Even 3 Years Time, Overnight. It Must Be In The Condition Listed Above, But That’s Some Retained Value, That’s For Sure.  What Other Consumer Good Or Service One Purchases Is Still Worth 50% Of What You Paid Three Years Hence?? There’s Not Many, Is There? Maybe A Mercedes Benz With Low Ks/Miles? So Following That Logic, Every Titleist Scotty Cameron Product One Buys Essentially Comes With A 50% Rebate, The Resale Price. Nota Bene That I Stated The Price Had To Be 50% Of The Price You Paid, And It Will Move Overnight. Is It Possible To Finesse It A Little And Get More $$? That’s Not My Deal. If I Want To Sell It I Want It Gone Asap, Probably To Buy Another Sc. Food For Thought Huh?      If You’re Still Uming And ARing About Purchasing A Titleist Scotty Cameron Putter, Then Just Think About How Long You’re Going To Be Dead For….


I Just Bought Another Used Second-Hand Scotty Cameron Putter, The Futura 5MB. From The Very First Moment I Laid Hands On It I Was Delighted. The Grip Has Such A Quality Premium Feel To It. It Puts A Lovely Roll On The Ball. I Just Loved It From Word Go. I’m Sure A Top Of The Line Ping Or Callaway Or Taylormade Has The Same Tactility. I’ve Had Quite A Few Terrific Ping + Odyssey Putters Over The Years, And Maybe 1 Taylormade, The 8802/8803? Replica. (Edit – My 19$ Never Compromise Feels As Good Centered As Any Of The Scotties.) Example A Below: I Think That Even With A Few Nicks And Dents, And A Big Wear Mark In The Middle, This Scotty Cameron Putter Will Safely Retain 50% Of It’s Value.😉

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